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  • Odontoiatra. Specialista in Chirurgia Odontostomatologica. Master in Odontologia Forense.


The first step is surely a history taking, together with the visit -if necessary, with the aid of X-ray examinations performed on site-, and then the development and discussion of treatment plans. Even if the diagnosis is only one, treatment plans may be different, and your will be customized. With a single leitmotif: ethics.


Once acquired an informed and written consent, all the treatment plan will be executed personally by Dr. Marano. An exception is hygiene, carried out by a doctor graduated in Dental Hygiene and, of course, intravenous conscious sedation, for which I’m aided by a specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.


At the end of the treatment we will never leave you alone: according to cures effected, you will be entered into a quarterly, semi-annual or maximum annual recall program. And the reminder will reach you, according to your preferences, by phone, mail, email, SMS or via push notification trough the app X-Info.

Services available in my dental practice.


One dentist for the whole family!


Not for everyone, but almost! Back to smile even without those unsightly brackets.


Cavities care: from the simplest to those requiring root canal therapy.


In selected cases, we can insert dental implants and provide a fixed prosthesis in 8/48 hours.


From wisdom teeth extraction, to diagnosis and surgical and non surgical therapy of oral pathways.


Now routine: why improvise a implant surgery when you can calmly plan it to the computer?


The care of gums and tooth-supporting tissues: to delay as much as possible teeth-loss.


Removable, partial or total. But especially fixed on implants or natural teeth. And, if necessary, impression with intraoral scanners!


Intraoral radiographs, orthopantomographies, cephalometric x-rays, TMJ stratigraphies, and cone beam CT available on site: anything that can be useful in dentistry for a correct diagnosis. And all in digital with low dose radiations.


With nitrous oxide! Laughing on a dentist’s chair: try it, belive it!


In case of more complex or longer interventions, or interventions that require higher patient tranquility; toghether with a specialist in anesthesia and resuscitation.


We do not have any direct insurance, and unfortunately it’s up to the patient fees advance. But I assure you that we will do any affort to make you recover every penny.


Possibility of deferral of payments even with interest-free loans. More information in office.


We have a free car parking c/o Volvo Car Dealer Petrolcar in via Morgagni 30/R and piazza Sassari 2/F . So you will not waste your time.


The office is easily accessible also by car, for people with reduced mobility.


These are the staff members of the of Dr. Marano dental practice in Rome

dentista marano roma

Dr. Giuseppe MARANO

marano dentista roma flavia carganico


Dental Hygienist
dentista marano roma claudia mare


Dental Nurse
marano dentista roma giordana


Front Office

What do my patients say about me?

Reviews left on the net about my practice and me on Google+ , Facebook and

  • I would strongly recommend Dr. Marano for the professionalism, cleanliness and above all for his patience!! I took my 5 years old daughter by him for the care of 4 decayed teeth. Thanks to its calm and gentle we were able to complete the whole plan of treatment (including anesthetics, root canals, etc). Very useful the availability of nitrous oxide sedation, that with children is fundamental. Thanks again for everything!
    Claudia M.
  • I went the morning of the wisdom tooth extraction (my first extraction, and the tooth was also in a bad position) literally terrified. Thanks to the professionalism, safety and especially to humanity of Dr. Marano, everything went very smoothly! Caring and attentive, he made sure that the post-op was not traumatic. I only had a slight pain and a very minimal swelling. I will address the next extraction definitely much quieter and relaxed! Thank you so much to a "magician" of the mouth! I can not forget Claudia the nurse and Giordana the secretary! Also thanks to them that helped me relax!
    Antonella C.
  • I know Giuseppe, yes I mean Giuseppe and not Dr. Marano, after careful consideration of many other of his colleagues. Major surgery, delayed for a long long time ... but I trusted in him. I was not wrong. Careful treatment plan, with no surprises, post-op as expected; in other words competence, clarity and honesty. Even my children were able to appreciate his human qualities. Today our trusted dentist. Recommended.
    Antonio S.
  • I was very happy. Dr. Marano is a very nice person as well as all staff within the studio. I put off visiting the dentist for years because I am a pathological coward. I came in for a checkup thinking about having a cavity and encouraged by the calm and professionalism of the doctor I have entrusted me and I agreed to do the wisdom tooth extraction postponed for at least two years. I solved a problem that I dragged a long time in minutes and all thanks to the confidence that the doctor gave me. I perceived professionalism and competence and above all attention to the patient. The office is studied in detail: the equipment, all excellent, the magazines in the waiting room (wide range of local newspapers and a Micky Mouse for young patients but also for grown-up). Clean and safe environment. Highly recommended.
    Annamaria B.

Why should you choose me?

Do you really think it is convenient to refer to a low cost dentist?

Unlike the low cost dentist (where low cost is only the compensation for their employees, both in Italy and abroad) that is invading the city (or at least the trams and 6×2 billboards), within my practice I personally deliver all the cares, conservative, endodontics, surgery and so on.

The only exception is dental hygiene that is deliberately entrusted to Dr. Flavia Carganico, doctor in Dental Hygiene, just to be sure to offer you always the best.
The treatment plan is developed by me and executed completely by me: I am the only one responsible for the success, or failure -but we hope no-, of the care; I’ll be the only interlocutor of my patient.
It will be objected that in doing so the risk of doing nothing well, and instead I ask you to test me!

Finally, those who have already taken advantage of my care, can testify about my manic care to avoid cross-contamination between patients, using, whenever possible, disposable material; where not possible, it is my duty to make sure personally about the quality and outcome of sterilization processes.

Ask your “family dentist”!

read my CV and you’ll understand why

read here what my patients say about me.

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