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The dental practice

The dental practice, recently renovated and regularly authorized by the Lazio Region for the provision of dental services and also advanced oral surgery, uses the most modern technologies in order to make all the diagnostic and therapeutic process as smooth as possible for the patient and for the operator.

First you will have no trouble getting the study as it is located right on the metro station Policlinico of the line B, and is also easily connected by bus and tram.

If you come with your car you will have free parking.

Once inside the studio you can enjoy a delicious Nespresso® coffee and read a newspaper, a magazine or Mickey Mouse.

Or you can connect to the free wi-fi network.

All accompanied by a beautiful background music (ask the secretary what you want to hear: thanks to Spotify® our discogrphy is almost infinite) and a lovely scent of vanilla.

And if you’ve just had a snack, don’t worry, please ask the secretary a disposable toothbrush.

The diagnostic process then begins with history taking and with my specialist examination.

Often I’ll use x-rays to be able to formulate the correct diagnosis, but don’t worry: the practice dispose of the latest X-ray machines that allow me to run in digital, which means with the minimum emission – and absorption – of X-ray, all dental radiography: intraoral, orthopantomographies, cephalometric, 3D cone beam computed tomography.

And once the diagnosis and agreed on a tratment plan, we start working.

I use, whenever possible, disposable devices in order to avoid cross-contamination, and when it is not possible, my nurse and me focus in order to reduce the risk to levels almost close to zero.

During the treatment, if needed, I use nitrous oxide sedatio; and I always use magnifying loupes.

I use a diode dental lasers and piezoelectric scalpel, which allows me to work in contact with the bone structures without risk to the adjacent soft tissues (I know, is a bit complicated to understand, but if you want to know more, just ask me) .

Finally, thanks to my management software, you can receive timely reminders of your appointments via e-mail, text message, or via push notifications on your smartphone – thanks to the app X-Info.

In the app you can always see your treatment plan and your balance.