Are you looking for an English speaking dentist in Rome?

Are you not yet still confident with the Italian language and you want to talk to your dentist in English?

Do you prefer to express your pain in English?

Or, are you a tourist in Rome looking for a dentist for an emergency?

When I’m abroad for a long period I always look for an Italian restaurant: not for the food, but for the atmosphere, for the people, for the staff that speaks Italian.

So, if you are scared of not being understood by your new dentist in Italy, I cannot blame on you.

But I may be the solution!

I’m an Italian dentist and, as a son of an Italian English teacher, I can fluently speak medical English.

I’ve translated from English to Italian perhaps the most important book of Oral Radiology, and a book on Oral Pathology.

I’m an international speaker for Align Technology: my lectures deals on the Invisalign Technique and on iTero intraoral scanner. Besides, I’m involved in several international research works for Invisalign. For example, I’ve cooperated in the “The diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion. Best practice statement”.

I’m a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

In my practice I’ve introduced the so called “feather protocol” especially designed for people that are most “sensitive” to the dentist.

In my practice I usually use the laughing gas for sedation.

Give a look to all the 5stars reviews I’ve received during the years on Google.

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Send me a message and I’ll be happy to personally answer to you!